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6 Motivational Quotes for Bloggers from Bloggers

Blogging is not that easy nowadays! You need to keep yourself motivated. You always need to be positive to keep your blogging motivation up. You might see that your blog is not going the way you expect. Hence we came up with some practical motivational quotes for bloggers.

These motivational quotes are not from those who are already on TOP in the list of Bloggers. These motivational quotes are from the bloggers are heading towards success in blogging. These are the motivational quotes for bloggers from the bloggers. These awesome bloggers sharing these motivational and inspirational quotes on the basis of their blogging journey.

I am sure that these motivational quotes will inspire you to keep your blogging motivation up.

Motivational Quotes for Bloggers from Bloggers

Motivational Quotes for Bloggers from Bloggers
6 Motivational Quotes for Bloggers from Bloggers

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“Writing is a skill owned by many, presentation is the expertise owned by few!”
Alka Shukla from Girl to women

She says – While putting your thoughts in writing the key point is to have a proper presentation of it so it reaches the mass the way the writer wants. Presentation makes so much impression even if the writing is not up to the mark.

“Many things can go wrong when you try something new for your blog and business. But that isn’t a failure. You are one step ahead and you have one less thing to worry about. Keep trying new things and when you look back you’ll be grateful to yourself.”
Vybav from Vibe Inspire

“I don’t know whether I’ll make HISTORY or not but I’ll be grateful if people talk about me in a way like This is HIS STORY.”
Rohit Kokane from Glitters of Life

He says – We all strive to create something for which we should be remembered. The ultimate aim of life should be to keep going instead of thinking whether it will create a history or not. Keep up the good work and you will be remembered for your story as you are different and it is always about YOU as an individual.

“It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
Anthony Giesick from Beautiful Feet Entertainment

Motivational Quotes for bloggers by blogger Atul Dev ( in Hindi language )

Motivational Quotes for bloggers by blogger Atul Dev
Motivational Quotes for bloggers by blogger Atul Dev

Atul, the founder of InsidoPedia, explains it – The fighter inside us is roaring, fighting back to the life & it’s challenging, He (The fighter inside us) has believed, that whatever happens, he will never stop bouncing back. Never Ever Give Up. Believe In You.

“There will always be a reason to not quit. Try finding it when you feel like quitting.”
Toby Raymon from Interesting Reads

Motivational words by the founder of TechnoVans

There are times when we feel that we should quit now, we have given enough time for blogging and it is not working. BUT I suggest you don’t quit! See the bloggers around you and see how they are making more efforts to keep their blog running and taking on TOP. Make a network with the bloggers with a similar niche you have chosen for blogging. Learn from others! AND don’t expect a success ( or money ) in a night! It takes time! Blogging is not a short term game it is a long term game! Play it with passion and you will win the game for sure!

TechnoVans team is helping bloggers to grow in blogging! We help bloggers to increase the traffic to their blog. Traffic is a technical word, what is the traffic then? It’s the audience/readers. If you have an audience then and then there is meaning to your blog. If you want to earn money through your blog then you first need to increase the traffic to your blog.

Read and implement these blogging tips to become a successful blogger:

I would love it if you follow TechnoVans on Twitter! Thank you all the bloggers who have contributed to making this post successful to motivate bloggers across the globe!

Happy Blogging!

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  • Overwhelming Vanesh.. I wish this post reaches the one who needs to go ahead in any area of his interest and never stop… !! Atul your quote is lit.. and so is the other quotes

    • Thank you Alka for your kind words!
      And Yes, I appreciate the efforts Atul is taking to motivate bloggers to keep their blogging up!

  • I loved reading these motivational quotes by other bloggers. They just inspire you to keep moving forward.

    • Great post Vanesh, I see this post as full of creative thoughts..Awesome post. Thanks for including InsidoPedia Here too.

  • This is such a great post. Specially the the point you talked about quitting aspect of it. This again gave me some motivation to keep going. Thanks for sharing this post….

    • Thank you Yaau!
      Never give up, is the only rule I follow as a blogger!

  • Indeed a Great inspiring post! Thanks for sharing this much-needed motivation and belief.

  • Neha Nandwana

    All thoughts are amazing

  • Love this! Everyone can indeed do writing but not all of us has the talent to present it effectively 😀

  • Brilliant quotes! Blogging is hard work, more so than you’d might expect as a non blogger but it’s so worth it x

    • Yes Claire, you are right!
      Thanks you for your valuable comment!

  • An excellent post. This is a particularly trying time for many of us and we can use all the motivation we can get. Thank you for writing this post.


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