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GroupWe Drives into 2024 After Revolutionising Online New Car-buying

GroupWe, India’s leading online platform for hassle-free new car purchases, proudly announces its excellent performance in 2023, marking a year of unparalleled sales growth and an expansion of its stellar team. As the calendar turns, GroupWe stands at the forefront of an online new car-buying revolution in India, ready to unveil its bold vision for 2024.

GroupWe Founders- Vivasvaan Srivastava and Saiyam Pabreja
GroupWe Founders – Vivasvaan Srivastava and Saiyam Pabreja

Revving Up Success: GroupWe’s Online Sales Soar to Unprecedented Heights

In 2023, GroupWe didn’t just sell cars; it revolutionised the way India buys them online. In a country like India where car-buying has been a tiresome and doubtful process involving the buyer going from one dealership to another, GroupWe’s commitment to delivering unbeatable market prices, eliminating the need for tiresome negotiations, struck a resonant chord with buyers nationwide and made them trust buying online cars more.

With their vision and commitment, GroupWe registered a staggering 39% quarter-over-quarter growth in new car sales. A remarkable 2.7-fold increase in sales compared to the previous year, illustrates their expanding market presence and customer trust.

Through their competitive negotiation expertise between a rich network of car dealerships, GroupWe has helped their customers enjoy a cumulative savings of Rs. 2.50 crores in 2023.

Team Brilliance: GroupWe’s Talent Arsenal Expands, Elevating Customer Experience

Alongside soaring sales, GroupWe elevated its game by enlarging its team of experts, each a virtuoso in their domain. The infusion of experienced talent across various departments has grown their overall team strength to 15 and also fortified the brand’s prowess and dedication to providing a superior customer experience.

Co-founder’s Rallying Cry:

Vivasvaan Srivastava, co-founder of GroupWe, applauds the team’s dedication, declaring, “Our team’s unwavering commitment has been the driving force behind our success and our customers establishing more trust in online car-buying. Each member has not only contributed significantly to shaping GroupWe into a customer-centric powerhouse, but also bringing a shift in the buying behaviour of Indian new car-buyers from offline to online.”

“Our innovation and potential in the automotive sector were recognized as we emerged as finalists in the prestigious MG Developer Program 4.0”.

2024 Vision: Pioneering the Future of Online Car Purchases

Gazing into the future, GroupWe reveals a blueprint for 2024 that promises to redefine the online car-buying experience. The big vision is to achieve an annualised GMV of 100 crores. As for our team, we plan to add 20-30 more CAR-ismatic people in our workforce across departments.

With innovative strategies aimed at further simplifying the process, introducing exciting new models, and expanding its footprint across more Indian cities, GroupWe is set to instil more confidence in Indian car-buyers when they are looking to buy a car online.

Unleashing Potential: Millennials and Gen Z are driving the online car-buying trend, with these demographics more comfortable with online transactions. With these age groups being the dominant car-buyers from GroupWe, they are gearing up for taking even more space in the online car-buying plain.

Founder’s Vision: A Thought Leadership Perspective

Saiyam Pabreja, co-founder of GroupWe, imparts a visionary perspective on the brand’s triumphs and aspirations, stating, “Innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction form the bedrock of GroupWe’s ethos. As we stride into 2024, we remain steadfast in our commitment to redefine the online car-buying journey, ensuring our customers receive unrivalled value and develop more faith in buying a new car online.”

GroupWe’s triumphant 2023 is a testament to its commitment to reshaping the online car-buying narrative in India. Fuelled by remarkable sales growth, a stellar team, and bold plans for the future, GroupWe accelerates into 2024, poised for a year of transformation.

About GroupWe:

GroupWe is India’s pioneering online platform, redefining the car-buying experience by offering brand-new cars at market-best prices. By eliminating the need for negotiation with multiple dealerships, GroupWe provides a seamless and transparent process for customers. Given their end-to-end new car-buying service packages that include maximum market discounts, smart financing, and insurance benefits, GroupWe is quickly becoming a trusted name in the automotive landscape. 

For more information, visit their website: www.GroupWe.in.

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