Be A Part of HiPi – An Amazing World of Fun And Fame

Be A Part of HiPi – An Amazing World of Fun And Fame

Hola Friends! Hope you all are doing well. I know that things are not going as usual but all we can do is follow all the necessary precautions to stay safe and keep others safe as well in this COVID situation. With theaters and hall closed, this lockdown has deprived us of good and entertaining content. But thanks to OTT platform like ZEE5 who ensures things go smooth for us. Recently they have launched a short-form video platform i.e. HiPi, to add more fun and pave your way to stardom. So, in this post, I will be talking about HiPi by ZEE5.

What is HiPi?

HiPi is a short-form video platform within ZEE5, which presents a perfect amalgamation of self-expression and entertainment to provide you the best platter which promises to be simply amazing in every way! It has fun celebrity videos, dances, songs, music, and countless hashtags challenges to cater to the preferences of all of us. You can create your own unique videos, manage them, and show them off to the world! Furthermore, features like Karaoke, AR effects, photo templates, duet live, skill-based chat rooms, and celebrity wishes makes it a perfect platform to be at.

HiPi is a short-form video platform within ZEE5

Sounds interesting, Isn’t it?. Well, it just not only sounds exciting, but it is also actually interesting. To believe me you need to register on this platform and take your first step to stardom. Because when it comes to the best of entertainment and content creation, it #HappensOnHiPi only.

Let’s get started with the step by step guide to let you know more about HiPi

1. Registering on HiPi – 3 Steps is all that it needs

Becoming a part of this new platform is quite easy and simple. The first and foremost step is downloading/updating of your ZEE5 app. Secondly, You need to register on HiPi by filling all your details such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Gender, and accept the terms and conditions. Third and the last step is selecting the preferences that you want for your account and it’s done!

2. Let your SWAG do the talking – Slay it with SWAG

Be a HiPi to join a vibrant community of content creators. Slay it with your swag and amazing talent. Click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the app and start recording your video with your own choice of music, filters, effects, and much more. The best part is that you can create your own HiPidom and take on the word with your talent.

3. Spreading the fun with friends – Sharing is all about caring

HiPi is a platform which you are surely going to love! The best way to increase the fun is by sharing it with your friends and dear ones. Like and comment on the posts of your favorite HiPi stars which will help them get more views. You can use your social media accounts to directly share the videos on them so that other people can see the talent of your friends.

HiPi App by Zee5

4. Join the bandwagon to Stardom – Challenge Yourself

It is rightly said that don’t fear challenges, instead use them to show your ability to the world. Keep a watch on the latest challenges on the HiPi platform like the #FitHit Challenge or #MyFavDialogue Challenge. Create perfect content and open new horizons for yourself. Discover your video in the trending challenges category and reach a larger number of audiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to register on this platform and take your first step towards exploring a whole new world of fun and fame only on HiPi If you have any query then feel free to connect via comments or my social media channels.

Image source: Zee5.com

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