Manual Testing approach: Test Scenarios or Test Cases ?

Manual Testing approach in software industry
Manual Testing approach in software industry

This is the first time here I am writing something about Software Testing. Specifically about Testing Approach used in the software industry.

I am not a blogger or that much expert to advise you but just trying to elaborate some things and wanted to focus on some major points to be taken care in testing platform.

Today’s topic is all about whether to follow Test Scenarios or Test Cases while following Manual testing approach.

1. Test Scenarios:

This is a way where you can just write high level scenarios to test/verify functionality for user story. There is no need to write so much descriptive test cases along with each step. You can use this way to improve your fastest deliveries. When there is tight deadline then you can follow this approach where you can cover only specific scenarios and can share those with your customers as well.

By this way you can share your top views with clients to let them know that what you are trying to cover in testing phase. Also this will save time. And if you are sharing this Scenario Identification document with clients then this will help you to identify gaps and also you can get additional comments/suggestions for the same.

Mostly small and medium scale companies follows the same approach to cover more functionality and to save their time.

2. Test Cases:

Most of the testers can think that to write test cases is boring and monotonous job, and it’s true in some cases!

Because, this is the way where you need to write each step in a manner where you need to assume that you are telling these steps to other people to go through workflow.

But, keep this in mind this is the best practice followed by most of the MNCs because, this way helps automation testers to code their scripts in steps.

Once this is ready, then this will be helpful to automation.

Anyways, I suggest you to identify the best suitable approach to follow in manual testing. This information may not be that much elaborative or you can feel that its duplication but I just tried to share my thoughts here.

At last, Testing is the phase where you have to test the things every time with test to break attitude though you follow any way!!

Happy Testing!!

This article is contributed by Vishal Kadam, IT Professional working in Pune.

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