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Pamsit app: Social Networking App developed by Indian techie

We at TechnoVans, featuring interesting startup stories and providing the platform for founders to become more visible on the internet. So, today we came up with the new startup story, the story of Pamsit App, the social networking app developed by Balajee Swaminathan, Indian techie. Let’s get to know more about his work!

Tell us about your education and experience.

This is Balajee Swaminathan, from Coimbatore. I have completed my B.Tech ( Information Technology) in Adithya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. I have 5 years of experience in the IT field

Pamsit App Founder -  Balajee Swaminathan
Pamsit App Founder – Balajee Swaminathan

I have worked on eCommerce projects using multiple technologies as a Software Engineer on both the front end and back end code.

Tell us about the app you developed? 

Pamsit is a “Public Sharing Social Networking App” used to share your content like text, image, video to everyone else in just one click. There are no concepts like following or followers over here. So if you share your content at the next moment it will be shared to all the users in their home page.
If you want to share any information to people, market your brand or product, and make your content viral then this will be a nice platform. Where other users can like and comment to your content.

Why the name Pamsit app?

It is named as Pamsit because every piece of content or information is sitting on your palm through this android app.

How did you come up with this idea? and how much effort you have taken to implement it?

I used many social networking apps from Orkut to Instagram. So I was inspired and wondered how this social networking and chat app works. One day I just started to design one login and register user web page that’s how the first dot starts and it grows as a functional app now.

Initially, I developed a web app ( www.pamsit.com ) that took 2 years to complete it. But that failed, so I planned to give a second try but this time I developed an android app that took 1 year to complete.

How to use this app? any manual or video you have prepared for the same?

It is available in google play store you can download and use it.
Yes, we have a video on How to use Pamsit? – walkthrough Youtube video.

Pamsit App – Home Page
Pamsit App – Profile Page

This app is easy to use!

What challenges did you face while working on this project of developing the Pamsit app? How did you overcome them?

I had an idea to run a social networking app but I do not know how to purchase the server etc. I started to develop a social networking web app both front end and back end code just for learning purposes but one day my friend gave me an idea that we can deploy apps and store user’s details in cloud servers like amazon, azure etc.

I continued to develop that web app with many sleepless nights, I used to design and architect app. One fine day I deployed that web app on a paid cloud server and shared with my friends circle with all features from add friends till chats. But that app failed because users are comfortable with mobile apps, I don’t have any android development knowledge. I shutdown that web app just worrying and thinking about it. I took a break. That time one of my friend gave me an intro about the latest technology in android. I learnt the latest technology and developed this android app.

How much money did it require to develop and make it available for users?

I invested INR 0 to develop this app. Only for a cloud server, I spend INR 1000 on a monthly basis. Currently, this app is running in just 2GB RAM but still, it handles all the user requests, Server RAM will be increased soon.

How do you provide support for the user’s queries regarding the use of the app?

Currently I don’t have any FAQ or help center site. In future will develop this site to support users.

What are the TOP three reasons you think people should use the Pamsit app?

1. There are no following or followers concepts so if you add your content it will reach all the users easily in just one click.
2. It is simple to use, a user-friendly app.
3. It is a lightweight social networking app.

What are the future goals for the Pamsit app?

1. First short term goal is to increase cloud server resources or RAM space based on users growth.
2. It is not available in the Apple store for iPhone users as I couldn’t afford a Mac machine right now. Will publish this app in the Apple store for iPhone users soon
3. Form an efficient crew to take Pamsit to the next level to reach more users.
4. Voice-driven interactive features are yet to come,.This feature recognizes your voice and respond.back. Like this many features will come in the future.

Download the Pamsit App and use it. We TechnoVans team wish Balajee Swaminathan a best luck for his startup journey!

We at TechnoVans trying to FEATURE interesting startup stories, please contact us if you have the one.

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