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Interview with Sameer Deolalikar Founder and CEO of Fyaril AB

We are introducing Sameer Deolalikar, Founder and CEO of Fyaril AB in the Startup Stories series on TechnoVans. He has shared his startup journey, how he has started Fyaril and what challenges he has faced till the date and the milestones achieved along with setting future goals for Fyaril.

There are lot of insights shared by Sameer Deolalikar in this Interview, which will be helpful for the entrepreneurs and change makers!

Interview with Sameer Deolalikar Founder and CEO of Fyaril AB
Interview with Sameer Deolalikar Founder and CEO of Fyaril AB

Interview with Sameer Deolalikar Founder and CEO of Fyaril AB

Hi Sameer, can you please tell our readers about yourself?

I am Sameer Deolalikar, an entrepreneur and seasoned professional with more than 22 years  of experience in R&D, international sales and business development. I have a Bachelor of  Engineering in Electronics from Shivaji University, India and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. I am the founder and CEO of Fyaril AB, a cross-border e-commerce platform based in Sweden that bridges the gap between global buyers and manufacturers of  sustainable products from India. 

Prior to Fyaril, I held key positions including Business Development Director at Flex  (Flextronics) and Quest Global, where my initiatives resulted in multi-million USD deals. I am  also actively involved in the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Lund University, Sweden, providing mentoring to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among young talents. 

As a public speaker, I have frequently shared insights and experiences from my career at various forums in Europe and India.  

Tell us about your startup Fyaril. What’s the major problem you are solving?

Fyaril is a pioneering e-commerce platform characterized by its strong commitment to  sustainability. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between global consumers and  manufacturers of sustainable products. The platform focuses on products that are ethically  sourced, environmentally friendly and make a positive contribution to society. By focusing on  sustainability, Fyaril aims to promote responsible consumption and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We ensure transparency and traceability so that  consumers can make informed choices about the products they buy. 

Fyaril addresses a myriad of pressing concerns prevalent in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

One major problem we are tackling head-on is the lack of transparency regarding the impact  of online shopping. Consumers are often in the dark when it comes to crucial factors such as  the origin of products, the working conditions under which they were made and the  environmental footprint of their production. 

With Fyaril, customers get a complete insight into the journey of each product, from its origin  to its impact on the world. We ensure that every manufacturer selling on our platform makes  a verified sustainability contribution that aligns with the SDGs. This means that customers can  confidently support brands that make a positive contribution to the world. 

In addition, Fyaril incentivizes manufacturers to prioritize sustainability by offering recognition and rewards for their contributions.

We believe in creating a marketplace where ethical practices are not only encouraged but celebrated. 

Our platform also addresses the lack of direct access to sustainable products for global  consumers. By offering a single end-to-end digital platform with a wide range of sustainable products made in India, we are bridging the gap between conscious consumers and eco conscious manufacturers. 

In addition, Fyaril offers a highly localized user experience for global shoppers, making it  incredibly easy to get started with global online commerce while ensuring compliance. Global  e-commerce solutions lower the barriers for businesses, especially smaller and medium-sized  enterprises, to enter new international markets. This democratizes access to global trade and  enables more companies to expand their reach.  

The rise in cross-border e-commerce has led to the risk of fraudulent practices. As an end-to end service platform, Fyaril addresses fraudulent and preventive methods to make businesses  cognizant of malpractices.  

Fyaril is not just a marketplace, but a movement for a more sustainable and socially responsible future. We envision a world where every purchase has a positive impact, and our  platform is the catalyst for that change.  

Why the name Fyaril? 

We wanted a name that is truly neutral and can become a global brand. So, the name is not  associated with an ethnicity, a product category, the origin of the product, etc., so “Fyaril” has all the qualities to become a household name in a few years’ time.  

Fyaril also interestingly means “butterfly” in Swedish albeit a different spelling. – ‘Fjäril’.  Choosing a name that resonates globally was of utmost importance to us. That’s why we  opted for a simple but distinctive spelling that is easy for people around the world to  pronounce. In a world where connectivity knows no boundaries, it was important for us to  have a name that could be adopted by global customers.  

Our decision to incorporate the butterfly analogy into our brand name stems from the concept  of the butterfly effect, where small actions can have significant and far-reaching consequences.  At Fyaril, we believe that every purchase has the power to make a difference, no matter how  small. Just as the flap of a butterfly’s wings can create ripples around the world, every  sustainable decision made on our platform contributes to positive change. 

In essence, Fyaril embodies our ambition to create a global marketplace that is not only easily accessible, but also gives a sense of power and influence. Our name is a constant reminder of  our commitment to innovation, sustainability and meaningful change in the world.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors? 

Fyaril’s integrative approach democratizes access to global markets for manufacturers of all  sizes. Unlike other platforms, Fyaril welcomes manufacturers regardless of scale or established  supply chain, giving them the opportunity to showcase their products to a wide audience and  grow their business internationally. This inclusivity ensures that customers have access to a  wide range of sustainable and ethical products from diverse but credible manufacturers.  

Transparency is at the heart of Fyaril’s platform, as evidenced by its all-inclusive pricing model.  With clear and open cost information for each country where products are sold, customers  can make informed decisions. This transparency promotes trust and makes it easier for customers to make a positive contribution with their purchase. We stand by the ethos – ‘Sell Global Buy Local’.  

The implementation of Fyaril Badges, the use of Fyaril Unique Numbers (FUN) for traceability,  and the verification of manufacturers’ sustainability practices highlight the platform’s  commitment to promoting eco-friendly and socially responsible products. Customers can trust that products on Fyaril are sourced from verified manufacturers who adhere to sustainable  practices, contributing to a more ethical and environmentally conscious marketplace.  

In addition, Fyaril offers an end-to-end solution that streamlines the entire process for manufacturers and customers alike. From listing products to international shipping, customs,  taxes, and regulatory compliance, Fyaril provides a seamless experience. This comprehensive  service ensures a hassle-free experience for manufacturers looking to expand globally and for  customers looking for products with a clear impact. 

What were the problems/challenges you faced up to this date? How did you overcome them? 

Finding buyers and satisfying customers is the biggest potential source of revenue for any e-commerce platform. Operating an e-commerce platform on the global market makes this task  more difficult. The guarantee of satisfied customers around the world is a smooth user  experience from the moment a need arises to the final step, the purchase of the product. To have a positive experience, customers must be adequately and sufficiently informed about the  product, its specifications, the pros, and cons of using it, and their concerns must be addressed so that they can make an informed purchasing decision. Unfortunately, this is where many customers prefer brick-and-mortar retail, as communicating with an agent or sales  representative in different languages is easy. 

Multilingual online retail platform with missing or inaccurate product-related information due to poor translation can result in customers’ needs not being met. Relying on unqualified  vendors to translate this descriptive information can cost e-commerce companies like Fyaril money and customers. On the other hand, if a customer has interacted with an accurately translated website that contains all the information about the product or service being offered,  the likelihood of an unhappy or dissatisfied customer decreases significantly. 

Protecting against fraudulent activities, such as payment fraud and identity theft, is a top  priority for Fyaril. Leveraging advanced fraud detection algorithms and security measures,  Fyaril is working hard to prevent fraudulent transactions, safeguarding both its customers and  its business from financial losses and reputational damage.  

As Fyaril continues to grow and expand its global footprint, scalability is a key consideration.  From infrastructure scalability to operational scalability, Fyaril invests in scalable solutions and  technologies that can accommodate growth while maintaining performance, reliability, and  efficiency. 

Providing exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of Fyaril’s commitment to customer  satisfaction and loyalty. From responsive customer support to hassle-free returns and  exchanges, Fyaril prioritizes customer service excellence, building trust and loyalty with every  interaction. 

Please tell us about an achievement you are most proud of. 

We are proud that we have created a global platform which provides access to global  customers for Indian manufacturers. To date, we have over 175 manufacturers and more than  10,000 products listed on our platform. Just to be able to provide this global sales channel to  our manufacturers is a fantastic achievement for us and the journey has just begun. Thus far, we have shipped to many countries in Europe and in the US and the UK where our customers are.  

What are the future goals for your startup Fyaril? 

Our vision is to become the largest marketplace for sustainable products. Our model is inclusive and offers manufacturers a fabulous opportunity to get access to global customers  from ₹ 0.

We want to have every manufacturer in India on the platform and take their products to global customers.

We want to be a springboard for small and medium manufacturers to  access global markets. 

For global customers, we want to focus on sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and conscious  consumerism – as the center of attention. We want to ensure that we can follow the path of  profitability with sustainability.

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