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What is the meaning of startup?

Definition of Startup can be different and that can not be defined in one line. We are going to describe the meaning of the startup in this article.

meaning of startup
What is the meaning of startup?

First lets see what google says if we search for the phrase “startup means”:
“the action or process of setting something in motion”
“a newly established business”

Lets understand the meaning of Startup

Startup means “to start with something”, here something can be anything. Different people consider startups to be different things, as per our analysis Startup is the business that is in initial phase or just started or just in phase of growth. The key attribute of a startup is its ability to grow.
Startup means the small business that may be operated by individual or group of people.
Startup is the business just started from scratch with new enthusiasm.
Startup can be defined as “starting point of a bigger plan”.

If any person starts his own business from scratch is entrepreneur and the thing he started is a start up.
Lets take an example: If Sumit starts his own tea stall then Sumit is entrepreneur and the business he started that is a tea stall called as startup.

Another question, Startup or Start-up?

Answer: Both Startup and Start-up are having the same meaning.
The style of writing these words is the only difference. startup and start-up are the words having same meaning as like email and e-mail are having the same meaning.

Startup definition is not unique. Startup is nothing but starting up a new thing that will generate revenue for starter. Startup is a small business started by individual or group of people with new energy.

How do you define a startup? Let us know in the comments.

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