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Fashion Talk with Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan ( @anyouja )

We at TechnoVans, feature the fashion influencers and help influencers to connect with the brands. This is the platform where we help everyone to tell their story to the world. In this Fashion Influencers Interviews series, lets meet Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan. She is dentist by profession and as a hobby she is Fashion and Lifestyle Creator on Instagram.

Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan - Fashion influencer
Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan – Fashion influencer

Fashion Talk with Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan ( @anyouja )

Can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Hello, this is Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan From Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I am Dentist by profession and also a Fashion and Lifestyle Creator on Instagram as a passion of fashion 🙂

I have done the Fashion Modelling and Fashion shoots for various Brands. I have also done some digital ads for Vijay sales and Emperor Akbar Cardamom which were released in theatres and youtube in the year 2019.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Ambitious, Practical, Hardworking

What are your 5 must have fashion essentials?

  • A jacket ( I personally love wearing)
  • Cotton Dresses (Maxi/midi/mini) ( cotton is my fav fabric for all seasons)
  • Baggy Denim Jeans or Boot Cut Jeans ( you can really style yourself well with in both)
  • Floral Print/ Multicolour dresses, tops, shrugs
  • Transparent Block Heels

What is the most challenging thing you think as a fashion influencer on Instagram?

I personally feel that keeping on with the changing trends sometimes is too tedious, as it requires a constant tab and it may not always be possible keeping in mind I’m in medical profession.

And also overall I think as a content creator sometimes the instagram algorithm is not in your favour.

So what happens is – sometimes you may create an iconic piece of content which you would want to reach out to the audiences but instagram however will limit your reach for whatsoever reasons

Wherein, when you create a not so great content you magically see it getting so many views 🙂

Fashion influencer Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan ( @anyouja )
Fashion influencer Dr. Anuja Gaurinandan ( @anyouja )

How do Instagram influencers make money?

When I have created my profile on Instagram, I had no idea what Barter means! Brands used to just message me on Instagram asking me if I am open to doing barter collabs and I used to be confused as to what that means 🙂

Making money on instagram is not like a one day thing that you decide, okay, I want to make money via Instagram and let me start! Its altogether a different level of hard work and consistency you need to put.

It took me years and years of efforts to build this page.

It all starts with what you like the most and what you’re good at!

You need to select a niche to begin with. For example – Comedy, beauty, lifestyle, etc. Then you need to start making content around those topics.

When I started blogging there were no references as to how to talk on camera, or what to say, or what font needs to be added. Nowadays its so easy as there are millions of videos available world wide.

But with dedication and focus course one can earn, never say never.

Why should people follow you on Instagram?

People who want to see some fun outfit idea reels, some cool skin care videos that help you achieve your skincare goal, fun beauty tips, some travel content, and to be updated on whats new, ex. Product launches, new restaurant launches, new store launches etc can surely follow me.

Basically people into Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle will like my page.

What is your advice for new fashion influencers to grow on Instagram?

  • Dont try to enact your fellow influencers,
  • Let them be and you be the way you are
  • Your content reflects who you are so the more candid and natural it is, the more people would connect with you.
  • Lastly Be What you are on your instagram feed that you are In Real Life.

You can follow Anuja on Instagram – @anyouja

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