Interview with Monika Singh, Bestselling Author

Introducing Monika Singh, the author, blogger, creator. She has written and published the book called “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You”. In this interview with TechnoVans she talks about her journey as an author, how her extracurricular activities and motivation from teachers helped her in this journey!

Monika Singh - author of the book How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You
Monika Singh – author of the book How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You (Image©Monika Singh – Licensable)

Monika, Can you please tell our readers about yourself?

Hi, I’m Monika Singh, and I’m delighted to tell you a little bit about me. 

I’m from Haryana, which is also known as the forest land of Hari in India. 

Recently, in April and May, my book, ‘How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You’, became an international Amazon best seller twice in multiple categories. 

I was born in a small village in the Bhiwani district of Haryana. Soon after my birth, my parents relocated to Loharu, a town in Bhiwani, Haryana. 

I’ve always been passionate about learning from books and people rather than from TV. I have been curious to understand the human mind and challenging tasks, which people often consider boring. So, I have multiple interests. 

I did 12th from Science (PCM) and cleared both JEE MAINS and JEE ADVANCED. 

I hold a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

I’m a prolific blogger, sharing my thoughts and experiences on various topics, including life lessons, books, mental health, and self-help.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author?

As far as I remember, multiple instances contributed to this decision, as I have multiple interests, including Painting, Reading, Writing, Management, Sports… 

But people have always known me as a topper and a problem solver, which outshined all other qualities. 

Even my teachers see me like that. 

I used to take part in stage speeches, painting competitions (even winning them at the district and state levels in 2008), district-level sports competitions, essay writing, and more. 

I was deeply moved by how people see the results and how they seek your suggestions when they see you as an authority for whom life has been really easy or blessed, and that could transform lives. 

I used to love to help people who were in need with suggestions. One day I realized that creating organized content for reuse can help a lot of people without my time involvement! 

When I was in 11th class; my new math teacher who joined school that year was impressed by my mathematics score, as I scored higher marks in mathematics in the whole class, including all the sections and streams in my school that year. 

He was delighted, and he said that he will write a book on me someday. That was the moment I suddenly expressed my desire to write a book under my name. 

So I first realized it when I was in the 11th class. But the book title ‘How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You’ was not on my mind at that time. 

Further, I couldn’t go to IIT because of some personal and emotional reasons. So, I decided to take my published work and thoughts to different corners of the world and started blogging before publishing the book.

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When did you first consider yourself an author?

The first time I held a draft of my book, “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You,” in my hands, I felt a sense of accomplishment. 

Since I’ve been writing it for the people, I decided to complete it while keeping it open for the community. 

In the second half of 2022, I started considering myself an author when I pre-launched an info product, “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You.”

Soon I saw a line reflecting the Best Seller on my Info Product in the Gumroad dashboard. 

Further, people who downloaded it and read it shared their positive feedback, demanding a full-fledged hard copy they could hold in their hands. 

Then I started seeing myself as an author too. 

Please tell us more about the book you have written and published recently.

The book “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You” holds the vulnerable lessons of people who encountered their path with me and shared their pain. 

It recently became an international best seller on Amazon in April and May in multiple categories (twice). 

It holds both major and minor perspectives on multiple topics, which resulted in threads combining. 

That’s why I gave the subtitle, “7 Empathetic threads with 21 Key Lessons,” which incidentally hit my mind. 

Most of the lessons revolved around human ‘Emotions’, their experiences with ‘People’, and their ‘Success’ paths, which gave rise to the book title, “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You.”

To maintain their privacy, I have disguised them under general statements, and for some intense experiences, I have developed some imaginary characters, holding the real lessons and perspectives that can’t be neglected because people have lived them. 

It focuses on explaining the main theme (Insights from the book):

“Sometimes there are things and mistakes people keep doing just because either they are good at heart or they care a lot for some people.”

“Often, they are ready to suffer in silence with anxiety and negativity. But they never try to think of another perspective, clarity, or reality.”

“Different people, different ages, Different understandings, different rules, Different experiences, different beliefs, Different reactions, different ways of responding.”

“This book is for those who give importance to loved ones and family but can’t understand who is their close one or who is just pretending to be the one.”

Book by Monika Singh- How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You
Book by Monika Singh- How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You

How long does it take you to write a book?

For me, writing a book is a long journey! 

Officially, when I prepared the index, title, and subtitle, it took me more than 3+ years to complete it and publish the book.

When I was in 5th & 6th class, I got a chance to represent my school in a painting competition on different levels, from school to block, district, and state. 

The first time I faced so many people in one of the Chandigarh auditoriums. When I returned to school, the recognition I got was overwhelming. 

Next year I also got such chances, and I decided to write a diary about the overwhelming feelings, how the behavior of people suddenly changed towards me for the better, and the lessons I was learning in the journey. 

The other thing was that people around me used to see me as a girl who was competing with boys, and to my surprise, I have gotten immense respect from the males I interacted with in real life, from school, college, students, teachers, and even competitors. 

I also started writing about those competitions, challenges, and lessons I have been learning on the journey. 

I have taken several lessons from my diary itself, which is a contribution of more than 14 years. 

Where can readers purchase your books?

From Amazon and my website.  

Readers can easily find “How Emotion, People, and Success Fooled You” on Amazon.  It’s available in Paperback, Hardcover and ebook formats in many countries. 

If you are looking to gift my book to your employees on special occasions, please write to me at the email address available on my website for bulk paperback requests.

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