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Apeksha Ghia’s mobile app Neeji provides opportunities for home chefs in Mumbai to connect with their potential customers

Apeksha Ghia’s mobile app Neeji provides opportunities for home chefs in Mumbai to connect with their potential customers.

Neeji, Mumbai based food tech platform founded by Apeksha Ghia, aims to bridge the gap between home chefs and their potential customers.

About Apeksha Ghia, founder of Neeji

Apeksha Ghia, qualified as MBA from Mumbai University. After completing her master’s she got married into a family of entrepreneurs.

What Neeji app is used for?

Neeji is a mobile application that aims to provide home chefs in Mumbai with opportunities and tools to scale their businesses.

Neeji app founded by Apeksha Ghia
Neeji app founded by Apeksha Ghia

“Most of our home chefs fall under the unorganized sector, and Neeji is an attempt to bring them under a unified platform”, Apeksha says.

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The focus of Neeji is building a solid community of home chefs using a user-friendly UI and easy-to-use app.

There is no restriction of minimum order. You can order as little or as much as you like.

“Neeji provides you with scrumptious meals that are cooked at home and delivered to your doorstep in less than three hours. The food is worth the wait, trust us!”, Apeksha says.

Competitors of Neeji

While Neeji has often been compared to Swiggy and Zomato, Apeksha says its business model and offerings help it stand out in a cluttered market.

“We offer over 25 cuisines on our application, and each home chef is onboarded after multiple stages of quality and taste checks, and we are trying to create a unique experience for consumers across the city. We have grown from receiving 2-3 orders per week to 3-4 orders per day. This steady growth is an indication that Mumbaikars are accepting this concept with an open heart and have felt the difference in ordering from a platform like ours,” she says.

Milestones Achieved by Neeji app

So far, it has listed over 100 chefs offering over 25 cuisines in less than three months.
5000+ users installed this app and rated 4.3 out of 5.

Looking for investors

Neeji is currently bootstrapped and is looking to associate with investors as it expands to more cities in India.

You may want to download the app from Play Store.
Visit the website of Neeji platform for more details.

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