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Pepul the made in India social media app launched by Suresh Kumar G

Pepul, the made-in-India social media app launched by Chennai-based young entrepreneur Suresh Kumar G.

Pepul the made in India social media app launched by Suresh Kumar G
Pepul the made in India social media app launched by Suresh Kumar G

Pepul is a new-age social network with a huge focus on security and safety. It aims to help like-minded people connect online and then create communities offline.

About the Pepul app

In Pepul, anyone can share their positivity through their life stories, showcase skills ( talents ), and interests.
According to the Pepul website, the platform helps people to connect safely without fear with nearby like-minded people and create their communities in real life.

The Pepul app allows and encourages to have “verified users” only. The team individually verifies the profiles registered on the platform with the strong verification steps online. So, No Anonymous Users.

The data of users is safe with Pepul, as mentioned by Suresh Kumar G

“Honestly, we are not a platform that has a dependence on users’ data to make money. We have our unique model for monetization, which provides value for everyone in Pepul with your consent.”, Suresh says.

When the Pepul app got launched?

Pepul app got launched in Feb 2021, in Beta. In this beta launch, around 2, 00, 000 users were signed up. The app is now available for a limited number of users and is currently released in incremental phases.

The Pepul team observed that, in a private beta launch, the average time spent by users on the app is around 28 minutes.

The startup – currently in its pre-revenue stage – has raised a small round of funding.

Future plans for the Pepul

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be entrenched in the social media ecosystem, but the market for new social apps is growing. Pepul is one of the different social media platforms and competes with similar ones such as Moments.

The vision of the Pepul app is to create a multibillion-dollar company that can touch people’s lives in a positive way. To achieve this vision, Pepul is working to reach billions of users.

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