Adobe Flash not supported from December 2020

You may have seen the notification on your chrome browser when you open it, “Adobe Flash not supported from December 2020”. Yes, you get the right notification right time. Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to new open formats.

Adobe Flash not supported from December 2020
Adobe Flash not supported from December 2020

“Several industries and businesses have been built around Flash technology – including gaming, education and video – and we remain committed to supporting Flash through 2020, as customers and partners put their migration plans into place.”Adobe team says.

Due to Security concerns, Flash will be at the end of its life ( at the end of December 2020 )

Adobe Flash is not the most secure product, to begin with. While Adobe has made strides in keeping up with patching zero-day exploits, they have traditionally been slow to respond to critical vulnerabilities. With the end of life for Flash, there will be no more security updates. This means any new security exploits will not be given updates creating a gap in any company’s network security.

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Google Chrome stopped the use of Adobe Flash

Google Chrome discontinued the use of Adobe Flash in update 53 of their browser. While the software can still be enabled through Chrome settings, Google has confirmed that effective the date of the end of life for Flash, Google will completely block Flash from being able to run under the Chrome browser.

Alternative to Flash:

You need to work with a group of professionals that can help plan your HTML5 conversion properly. Adobe has encouraged those who use Flash on their websites to begin converting to other newer formats such as HTML5. Many popular browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari have already been blocking Flash by default, but in 2020 all support will officially end.

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