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Book My Slots – Search for a nearby shop and book your slot

Let’s see what Serah’s parents do to ensure her safety. Due to the widespread of the coronavirus, we need to keep social distancing everywhere. But it is not possible to insist on public places. Hence what they do is that they let Serah go where they can book slots for her, and thus they ensure Serah is safe and maintaining social distance till she reaches back home. Don’t we all have children like Serah at home?

Book My Slots – Search for a nearby shop and book your slot

Some businesses only look for more sales; they really don’t care about social distancing. This is very dangerous. We cannot control the crowd there as a wanting customer. But we can choose to go to the places where they care about our safety. That is how we found the need for a platform like this, Book My Slots. The platform is built and made available for the public totally free of cost because the safety of the humankind is very precious. The shops which need more sales too must use this to help their customers and that is why we kept it free. We want our family, friends, relatives, and everyone to be safe.

Book My Slots - Search for a nearby shop and book your slot
Book My Slots – Search for a nearby shop and book your slot

Book My Slots – helps the customer to save time, and the shop owner can serve more customers

Some businesses or organizations may not be able to get into a public platform like this, as they want to implement it on their own website, dedicatedly for their own customers. Book My Slots provide that support too, by implementing a similar system for them in their private domains. It also has some features like for restaurants, if there are any reservations form another platform, the host can block that many slots from the backend. The platform lets slot booking for the present day and the next two more days only. If a customer has booked a slot in a shop, that has to be availed or canceled before doing another booking. In addition to all these, while booking a slot the customer can write a message to the host, which helps the host to prepare the list of items ready by the time the customer arrives. This helps the customer to save time, and the shop owner can serve more customers in a day.

Book My Slots for Banks and Hospitals

This platform is most beneficial in Banks and Hospitals. Nowadays both of these types of establishments are struggling to manage crowds. They mostly keep the customers outside to avoid the crowd inside. Since this is monsoon, the customers really have a bad time outside waiting for their turn. All these problems can be solved by Book My Slots.

Manage events

The platforms can be used to manage events as well. For example, in the case of an interview, the host can ask them to book their slots. The guests will get a passcode, which can be verified at the gate before letting them in for the interview. This applies to marriages or any private events as well.

Future Plans of Book My Slots

A few more features are being incorporated and the mobile apps are getting released soon. The process of registration is quite easy. Just register on the platform and after that search shops or events around you. If you want to list your shop or event, you can do once you registered as a user. The platform is being planned to operate in the country in 2020 and to go global soon.

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