7 thumb rules for women to make their business meeting successful

There are a few aspects that women should check about themselves before having your first business meeting or even your interview. This post is important to make your business meeting successful.

7 thumb rules for women to make their business meeting successful
7 thumb rules for women to make their business meeting successful

It is quite sad that women are judged more than just their brains and quality, and so for being able to cover every aspect of the radar that may be scrutinizing us we need to have a thorough read of this article. 

However since the times have changed a lot, so there is not more to change in what you say or anything about anyone’s ego, rather few things just to make sure we are perfect for them for any deal that we are looking forward to make with them.

Top 7 thumb rules for a successful business meeting:

1. Just be confident

The most nitty-gritty part of your business meeting should be and is your confidence! You need to win in the eyes and also the hearts of the investors or the professionals you are looking forward to. They should judge that it’s your first time in the field. 

Also, you should try to avoid looking extra confident which might turn things up-side-down for you, as when people try to be extra confident they say unnecessary things and their body language might also speak something irritating. 

2. Your body language

when you are sitting extra straight with your spine erect in order to keep your shoulders straight it might show some uneasiness overall. While you should obviously try to keep your body straight and shoulders broadened up a bit, but over-doing it might prove to be unhealthy for the meeting. 

Also touching your face too often or moving your hands high up in the air too much would convey that you are feeling under-confident so try avoiding that!

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3. Your dress counts too

your outfit should correspond to what you are doing and where you are, and hence always be formal enough to wear a formal outfit. Don’t think that it looks dramatic nowadays or maybe too much overdone, rather it shows your commitment to the job and how much importance you give to your presentation skills. As believe it or not, how you present yourself counts in your presentation skills too! 

For more ideas on what you can wear check out this article which tells the formal office wear look that women can try!

4. Your accessories shouldn’t shout

while you have kept in mind the outfit for you, your accessories also matter a lot. You shouldn’t be wearing dangling earrings or a too bright and shiny necklace studded with large pieces of diamonds or stones in it. You don’t want your business meeting place to be lit by your accessories hence avoid choosing it for that day.

Also, no accessory of yours should make any noise while walking or talking, it becomes very irritating for the person sitting opposite of you to concentrate and also bring forward the important points of discussion. 

5. The footwear matters

Also the footwear matters and just when you thought you were out of all the preps but then I tell you, your footwear also matters! See the thing is, many women find it very hard to choose which footwear will go under what formal outfit, and for that confusion read the formal footwear of 2020 ( link: ).

So why do you think footwear matters? You know the tik-tok sound that heel makes while you walk signifies the authority you have over your work, and hence in the minds of the people around too! And the way you walk with the loafers on showing a simple personality of yours is also something that makes. Hence choose what’s best for you and your personality. 

6. Speak only what’s necessary

some women have a tendency to explain and speak a lot, either it because of their nervousness or maybe it is something that comes with the gender! But avoid speaking extra during the meetings and try to put a full stop when you think you have answered or said what was needful. 

Going extra miles to cover the same point wouldn’t help, rather confuse the people. 

Hence keep it short and simple. 

7. Keep your documents Organized

keeping your documents organized and in a systematic order shows a lot about a person’s character, and since we are women, and women are known as great organizers so it wouldn’t be a big task for us to do it. 

Again I repeat, just keep the documents in order in which it has to be presented. And you are going to rock the interview! 

I think now you have your notebooks with all these points jotted down over there! He-he just kidding who maintains written notes for things already written, just keep it mind or yeah if you need to write just do it, I won’t mind! 

And also don’t forget that you can share it with your friends and family who need to read this. Do let me know in the comments below if you liked it and what else you think women should keep in mind before appearing for a business meeting!

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