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Entrepreneur Ritik Davda raises awareness about the need for cybersecurity across every industry

As a cybersecurity professional, young and dynamic Ritik Davda is offering high-end online security services to entities and organizations.

Ritik Davda
Ritik Davda

Cybersecurity touches every nook and corner of the world. Right from the information about the debit card to the confidential data of an organization, nothing is 100% secure nor private in the digital ecosystem. Hackers have different ways of attacking personal data and bringing them into the public domain. And during the crisis of the pandemic, there has been a steady growth of phishers attacking the social media pages and websites of businesses, celebrities, and governments.

As a cybersecurity professional, young and dynamic Ritik Davda is offering high-end online security services to entities and organizations.

Cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur Ritik Davda has been working relentlessly to protect the online ecosystem

In recent times, a majority of data breaches are financially-driven. However, Ritik’s specialization in tackling data breaches and providing online threat security has seen the downfall of such malicious activities. Based in Gujarat, Ritik Davda began his journey in cybersecurity at a very young age. It was one of the seminars about ethical hacking that ignited his passion for cybersecurity.

For the last three years, Davda has equipped thorough knowledge about cybercrimes, and he has been a shielding force for many brands, companies, influencers, and celebrities across India.

Ritik Davda’s startup XynityInfoSolution

With a great set of experience and expertise in this field, Ritik in January 2021, established a startup of his own named ‘XynityInfoSolution’. It was after working on several freelance projects, Ritik decided to begin his entrepreneurial journey with this firm. So far, his team has been working relentlessly in safeguarding the data and information of online stores, businesses, e-commerce shops, and other institutions.

He and his team conduct seminars for cybersecurity

Speaking about venturing into the business with ‘XynityInfoSolution’, the young lad said, “We are here to give complete protection to our clients. Cyberspace is a huge field, and we are constantly working to provide security to all the small-scale and large-scale companies from different fields.” Raising awareness about the rise in online theft, Ritik Davda and his team frequently organizes webinars and seminars about the need for cybersecurity in today’s time.

Earlier, it was revealed that Davda is planning to author a book about cybersecurity. When asked about it, he stated that many things are in pipeline. “My focus at the moment is to bring a change in every industry by offering cybersecurity services at different levels”, he concluded.

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