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Meet Jyoti, Blogger at Mom Captures Life

Introducing Jyoti Kaur, blogger and author at Mom Captures Life. She writes about Parenting, Woomanhood, and much more about mom raising a growing child. She has good number of followers on Instagram. She provides well-researched content covering various aspects of parenting and empowering working moms. In this Interview with TechnoVans team, she shares some important blogging tips and her learnings with us.

Meet Jyoti, Blogger at Mom Captures Life
Jyoti, Blogger at Mom Captures Life

Interview with Jyoti Kaur, blogger at Mom Captures Life

Can you please tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Jyoti. I am a full-time working mom, an Architect by profession, and a blogger and author by passion. I was born and brought up in Delhi and have authored two e-books on parenting.

How will you introduce yourself in three words?

I am self-made, passionate, and consistently authentic.

Can you please tell us more about your blog Mom Captures Life?

After my daughter was born, I switched to part-time work, and this change in my schedule inspired the creation of my blog, “Mom Captures life”. It’s like my personal canvas, capturing the different stages of my life and the important lessons I learn along the way. On the blog, you can see into my life as a mom raising a growing child. Discover various parenting tips that have worked for me. Additionally, read my thoughts on current topics, especially those related to womanhood, health, lifestyle, education, and traveling to different parts of the world with kids.

I team up with different brands, and you can find reviews of various products and services. Remember, all the reviews and sponsored posts shared here are my honest opinions, unless I mention otherwise.

You have good number of followers and engagement on Instagram. Can you please tell us more about your IG profile and how do you keep yourself motivated for creating new content on IG?

Firstly, I want to highlight that my journey on Instagram wasn’t an easy one, especially in the early days. The advent of reels has significantly accelerated growth for many. Initially, we focused on static posts, and progress was slow. So, I gradually adapted to the new technology and started posting one reel daily on my handle. I’ve learned that consistency is the key to thriving on Instagram; sticking to your niche is crucial.

My primary goal is to provide well-researched content covering various aspects of parenting and empowering working moms. This includes inspirational videos, educational insights, engaging discussion topics for kids, valuable information on children’s nutrition, and practical guidance on the journey of raising a child while managing a job without succumbing to guilt. People have started relating to my posts, and that’s the secret to good growth on Instagram.

Describe how you first get into blogging?

I began my Instagram journey five years ago and later transitioned to create my own website

Initially, my goal was to inspire fellow moms and offer glimpses into my life. However, I soon encountered the limitations of expressing myself within Instagram’s word constraints. This realization prompted me to delve into more detailed writing on my blog.

Gradually, my content expanded beyond parenting, encompassing lifestyle and travel. I firmly believe that a woman’s identity extends far beyond motherhood alone; there’s a myriad of experiences to embrace.

As a devoted travel enthusiast, I take pleasure in sharing my adventures, both as a traveller and as a mother exploring the world with my child. In crafting my blogs, I aim to make them engaging and informative. I hope you enjoy the journey. Feel free to read along and become a part of the experience.

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What’s the hardest part about blogging for you?

The most challenging aspect lies in maintaining consistency. Blogging demands a long-term commitment and considerable patience. It took me years to witness significant growth in both my blog’s traffic and income. There were moments of discouragement, yet I discovered that persistence is the key. Continuously refine your skills, adapt to changes, and maintain patience; success will eventually come in due time

A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Earning money through blogging is no easy feat. Achieving successful monetization requires a strategic approach. I mostly Avoid overwhelming my blog with ads or sponsored content. I prioritize delivering value to my audience through by experiences. I would suggest diversify your income streams by incorporating strategies like affiliate marketing, selling digital products, or providing premium content to establish a sustainable income.

What tips you would like to give to bloggers who want to become full-time bloggers?

Five essential tips include patience, consistency, community building, marketing, and adaptability. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme; instead, it’s a long-term commitment that demands patience. It took me years to witness substantial growth in both my blog’s traffic and income The digital industry is in constantly evolving and what worked in blogging three years ago may not be as effective today. Embracing adaptability and being open to change is crucial. Whether adjusting your content strategy, learning new marketing techniques, or staying updated with industry trends, flexibility is key to staying relevant in the blogging world.

Blogging extends beyond content publication; it involves building a community around your niche or passion. Engaging with readers through comments, social media, and email newsletters fosters a sense of belonging. Your readers are not just passive consumers but integral contributors to your blog’s growth and success.

Continue to learn, evolve, and express your unique voice to the world through your blog.

Follow Jyoti on Instagram: @mom_captures_life

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