Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020?

The whole world is fighting against Corona Virus, almost all the countries implementing complete lockdown to save live. The Indian government also declared and implemented 21 days lockdown in India. On 24th March 2020, Mr. Narendra Modi, PM of India declared a lockdown of 21 days from 25th April 2020 to 14th April 2020. The government might lift the lockdown step by step after 14th April. Still, there is a question Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020?

Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020?
Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020?

The government is contemplating a second lockdown across the nation after May 15 after the current one ends on April 14. This was one of the points discussed at a crucial 16-member Group of Ministers (GoM) meeting on April 3 chaired by Union defense minister Rajnath Singh and including Union home minister Amit Shah. A second lockdown is planned to break the chain of infections–the government believes it has only around 40 percent of the critical care equipment needed to meet the pandemic.

The Union government is likely to announce a conditional lifting of restrictions on April 15. Delivery of essential services will continue but the nationwide ban on public congregations will remain; cinema halls, food courts, restaurants and religious places too might stay shut. Malls will be open but only for selling essentials. Airline travel might resume, but visits to and from foreign countries will be permitted only under special circumstances. There will be special advisories to avoid inter-state travel. The ban on weekly markets will apply only to areas most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

None of these decisions has been taken yet, but these discussions at the GoM point to the way the government’s thinking. It is clear that the government, at the moment, does not have sufficient evidence to confidently claim life will return to normal from April 15. The duration of the May 15 lockdown will be decided based on the number of infections the spread of the disease by then. [India Today]

So, the answers to the question “Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020?” is depends on the count of the cases of corona infected patients. If the situation becomes worse till 14th April, lockdown may get extended! People of India should follow all the rules of lockdown. Stay Home, Stay Safe. Don’t come on the road without any reason. Leave your home only for essentials. Please maintain social distance. Wash your hands regularly with soap. Cover your mouth and nose when you are out of your home or on road. We need to get out of this critical situation hence we need to stay at home till the situation comes under control.

Let’s not think about “Lockdown in India will get extended after 14th April 2020”. Let’s think about and follow the lockdown of these 21 days. I hope this lockdown will not get extended or may get lifted step by step, city by city, district by district. Till the time, Stay at home and be safe!

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