Priyal Poddar’s story about how she has given wings to her dreams

Today we are going to share with you the inspiring journey of Priyal Poddar, a girl from the Gateway to Northeast India i.e. Guwahati, who gave wings to her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, besides fulfilling all the responsibilities of a sister, wife, daughter-in-law, and a mother.

Priyal Poddar has a firm belief that we all individuals are born with some sort of hidden talent and it should be our goal to unleash it so as to grow in life. Being a multi-tasker in the true sense, this talent is much more pronounced in a homemaker.

Priyal Poddar’s journey from Blogger to an Entrepreneur

Mother of two little munchkins, Priyal Poddar, started her journey as a homemaker and is quite fond of cooking. She loves experimenting with food and used to post pictures of the same on her social media channels. One day one of her virtual friends, suggested she participate in an online competition and that was the stepping stone for Priyal Poddar that paved her way toward being a blogger, influencer, content creator, and finally an entrepreneur.

Priyal Poddar
Priyal Poddar

Her learning attitude helps her to move toward success

Talking about her journey, Priyal recalls that she used to regret for not completing graduation and not having a flair for English. So she switched to writing blogs and articles to improve herself. Her entrepreneurship venture with the dry fruit business has given her hands-on experience with the business models, marketing and strategies involved. She has also worked as a PR and currently leads a team of bloggers and influencers as well.

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So she tries to strike a balance between her responsibilities as a mother and her responsibilities towards her work. She remembers the hard work, effort, and hardships that she has faced in life to reach this place. Hence, according to her balance is the key to excelling on both fronts.

When enquired whether there was a situation when she has to choose between her home and career, to which she replied that by god’s grace, she hasn’t come across any such situation to date. However, there are times when she thought of quitting considering the work pressure and the time required, but when she saw her profile and the hard work behind it, she discard all such thoughts and started afresh.

A strong woman who has the power to face any obstacles

Priyal said that it was not easy for her to reach where she is now. No pain-No gain proverb completely stands true for her. In her journey to prove herself, only she knows what she has to deal with, surpass all the hurdles and obstacles, and overcome her inhibitions to reach this particular phase in life and the quest is on. The happiness that she saw on the face of her near and dear ones when her Economic Times interview went on air recently is her real reward. Her family is truly a pillar of strength for her.

Priyal’s message for all the mothers out there is that try to bring out the best in you. All you need is to find your talent, nurture it and grow with it. Because the day you will achieve something you will feel really happiness.

The story of Priyal Poddar is a fine example of “if there is a will, there is a way.” When a strong determination to achieve something meets with the perfect fashion, a person can set new benchmarks and fly high in the sky by giving wings to their dreams. It was Priyal Poddar’s determination paired with her hard work that paved a new way for her to turn her dreams into reality. In her journey, she continues to inspire other homemakers to unleash their talents and be proud of themselves in order to leave some amazing footprints on the sands of time.

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