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Blogging Topics for 2020: The Evergreen Blog Niches

If you are looking for the Blogging Topics ( Blog Niches ) to blog on then this post is for you. We will be listing down the Evergreen Niches for blogging which will give you high traffic and hence the huge money.

This post is last updated on 19th July 2020.

Write about the topic you have knowledge and experience.

Blogging Topics for 2020: These are the Evergreen Niches to blog on

Blogging Topics for 2020: The Evergreen Blog Niches
Blogging Topics 2020 – Top Blog Niches

There are many Blogging Topics to blog upon, we will be going through the topmost Blogging Topics. This article will help you to get the blog niche to blog upon, also we will be looking at the examples of topmost bloggers in India.

1. Tech Blog

At this age of modern technology where everyday new technology coming up. New Apps are getting launched, new SEO strategies are developed, etc. Internet users love reading everything about the technology, especially technology lovers will love your tech blog. There are thousands of tech blogs in India. Tech Bloggers are earning huge money from their blog. The main sources of the income are Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Posts, Google AdSense.

Tech Bloggers generally write about the Technology Topics:

  1. Game Development
  2. New Mobile Apps Launch
  3. Technology News
  4. Careers in Technology
  5. Web Development
  6. Hacking
  7. SEO
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Programming Languages
  10. App Reviews, Update Logs, App Comparisons

These are the TOP Tech blogs in India:

Digital Inspiration (Labnol) – by Amit Agarwal
9lessons – by Srinivas Tamada

2. Blog about Blogging

Write everything about blogging. Write about Blogging Tips, Technical things about blogging, teach blogging to bloggers. Help bloggers to become a successful blogger and you will be becoming successful with them 🙂

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Harsh Agrawal runs a blog ShoutMeLoud for bloggers.

3. Health/Fitness

If you are expert in Ayurveda or Yoga the Health or Fitness is the best blogging topic for you to blog upon.
The biggest benefit of the health and fitness niche is the audience is hungry for information.

Put That Cheese Burger Down! is the top Health and Fitness Blog run by the Neha Ghosh, who is Certified Diet and Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Trainer.

4. Book Review

Do you love reading books and also love sharing what you have learned in the book with others? If yes, then you can start a book review blog.
As a book review blogger, you will also get a chance to connect with Authors and Publishers. You can earn huge money by putting affiliate links of books.

Book Geeks is the Top Book Review Blog.

Write a book review for the bestselling authors. You can also write about literature topics on your blog.

IMPORTANT: Write an Honest Review!

5. Travel Blog

Write about your travel experience. Guide the people about traveling around the world. Put good quality photographs in your blog posts, this is the key to attract the audience to your blog.

You can make money with a Travel Blog.

You can use your blog as your portfolio for freelance writing on other travel blogs. Freelance Writing for a travel blog will give you more than bread and butter! You can earn backlinks to your blog using freelance writing.

There are many ways to earn money using the travel blog: Placing ads ( Google AdSense), affiliate marketing ( Amazon )

Neelima Vallangi’s Travel Blog is the top Travel Blog, visit and get some tips from there.

6. Career Guidance

If you are good in career guidance, if you have faced the problems in your career and you had overcome the same then you can guide the people who are struggling with their career.
Many of the people are struggling to get a job, you can guide them about “how to get a job”, Resume Tips, Interview Questions with Answers, Career confusion, etc.

There is less number of career guidance blogs as compared to other niches.

You can write a sponsored post for a training institute to promote their courses and this will be helping you to make money using your blog. There are other common ways to earn money using your blog are Google Adsense and affiliate program.

7. Entertainment or Movie Reviews

The Entertainment or Movie Reviews Blog will generate you a high traffic and hence the huge money if you follow the Blogging Tips.

You will get paid to review movies.

Monetize your movie review blog after consistently writing the movie reviews and earn nice money using your blog.

8. Startup Stories or Startup Ideas

Many of the people are struggling to launch their startup, if you are good in business coaching you can start a blog for the same. Collect the startup stories, frame the stories in a good way and share using your blog. You can interview the startup founders and publish on your blog.

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9. Personal Finance

The best profitable blogging niche in the world is Personal Finance. Personal finance sites earn a lot by giving or teaching money tips.

The Blogging niche “Personal Finance” can include various topics like, for example:

  • Make money at the age of 20
  • Make money as a student
  • Get rich slowly
  • Financial freedom
  • Retirement plan
  • Investment Tips
  • Share Market Tips
  • Fixed Deposit vs Mutual Funds
  • Benefits of Credit Cards
  • Save money for child
  • Save Money for emergency
  • Income by investment into the Real Estate
  • How to use credit cards
  • Money tips by Mom
  • Everything you need to know about your debt

These are the best Personal Finance Blogs in India:
Jago Investor, Money Excel, SubraMoney

10. Food Blogging

One of the best blogging niches in the blogging business is Food Blogging. Food bloggers are earning most of their money from advertising. Food Blog is having the best future and food blogger can become successful earlier than other bloggers. If these bloggers concentrate more on SEO specially ON-PAGE SEO then becoming successful in this niche is very easy nowadays!

High possibility to get sponsored posts from popular brands. You can turn your enjoyment of food into income.

A TOP food blogger from India:
Swati Sucharita at Eatopian Chronicles

Other Blog Topics/Niches

This post is the output of my own research for the Best Blogging Niches for 2020 ( Evergreen Blogging Niches ). I have taken more efforts to deliver important information about the best blogging niches to TechnoVans readers. Please share this post to social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

There are many Blogging Topics ( blog niches ) for blogging, comment below if you have an interesting blog topic to blog upon.

Happy Blogging!!!

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23 thoughts on “Blogging Topics for 2020: The Evergreen Blog Niches

  • I love these blogging niche suggestions – especially the movie reviews because I actually already include this on my site, though I really need to add a lot more to it. The hacking topic is also intriguing to me because I was going to take a course with my son called Ethical Hacking – so I was thinking, what about a niche site that follows the learning process? Thanks again for all the great suggestions!

    • Choosing a right niche for a blogging is the first step in starting a blog.
      Choosing a niche about which we have knowledge and experience is very important.

      Thank you for your valuable comment!

  • It’s so important to find a niche that will not only draw an audience, but also that we are passionate about as our readers can sense that. I am LOVING working in the alternative culture niche, especially the opportunity to show that it’s a much bigger portion of our society than just angsty teens lol

  • Really helpful list, it’s so easy to lose your niche focus.

    This is really helpful to show a direction people could choose x

  • I’m a relatively new blogger so this was all great information for me. Thank you for putting it together and sharing your insights!!!

    • Glad to hear that you found this post helpful for you! Thank you for your valuable comment.

  • This article really got my creative juices flowing, I am intrigued by the book review suggestion and I will be looking into that one for sure. All the others are great suggestions, thank you for sharing and being so helpful!

    • Hey Anji, Thank you for your comment. I liked your Sweet Family Life!!!

  • Morgan Tyner

    This post is jam-packed with amazing information!! Your so right about these niches, they are certainly evergreen and provide value no matter how much the times change & “hot topics” mold. The book review niche one surprised me! Unexpected! But, I’m a huge reader so I do understand & see how it could be invaluable, always. Thanks for sharing!
    Xx, Morgs*

  • Thank you for sharing this great information! I was intrigued with the book reviews. I have not thought about that.

    • Thank you Lina for your kind words! I love your blog The Caffeinated Introvert!

    • Yes. I added food Blogging to the post today.
      Thank you for adding your opinion.
      Happy Blogging!

  • Great ideas! As a new blogger, I’m still figuring out what exactly the blog’s niche will be. We’ve got kind of a hodgepodge now and I think it will run smoothly once we’re able to establish the same types of posts. Thanks for the list! These are great starting points.

    • Hey Catherine, Glad to know that you are doing great in Blogging!!! Happy Blogging!
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  • Great list! These are all good starting place when looking for a niche.


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