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This Kanpur-based startup earns from temple waste

The Kanpur-based startup called founded by Ankit Agarwal, collects waste from the temple and creates useful products. This Kanpur-based startup earns from temple waste by creating the products such as incense cones, vermicompost, etc.

The idea of Phool

On a normal trip, Ankit Agarwal visited the ghats of the river Ganga with his friend. He realized the danger of temple flowers containing pesticides and insecticides. Ankit struggled a lot to convince the idea of managing this waste from the temples in the country. With the never-give-up attitude, Ankit got success to convert the idea into a startup called Phool.

In 2017, Ankit Agarwal and Prateek Kumar founded Phool. This startup has developed its flower cycling technology.

Ankit Agarwal, founder and CEO of
Ankit Agarwal, founder and CEO of

Phool collects waste from temples and makes products like incense sticks, cones, etc. with hundreds of women. This is how they are uplifting the Indian women.

Investors had raised the US $2 Million in a seed round from IAN Fund Social Alpha ( FISE ), Draper Richards Kalpan Foundation ( San Fransisco ), and IIT Kanpur.

Recently, in October 2021, Alia Bhatt has also invested in this Kanpur-based startup Phool.

Alia Bhatt invested in Kanpur-based startup Phool
Alia Bhatt invested in Kanpur-based startup Phool

Speaking on the latest investment, Alia Bhatt, who is known for her environmental initiatives, said, “Phool incense really stands out for its fine natural fragrances and amazing packaging. I admire the founder’s vision of making incense and bio-leather from recycled flowers that contribute to keeping our rivers clean, creating a humane alternative to leather, and providing employment to women in India’s heartland. I’m proud that these products are created in India and wowing the world and I’m thrilled to join the investors who are backing the company.”

Kanpur-based startup Phool heading towards success has rapidly expanded its operations and has consistently achieved 130% YoY growth for the past two years. has received several international recognitions including the prestigious United Nations Young Leaders Award for Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Momentum of Change Award at COP, Asia Sustainability Award Hong Kong, Alquity Transforming Lives Awards, London and Breaking the Wall of Science, Berlin.

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  • What a great idea! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before but I love that they’re reducing so much waste!


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